By Tony Perrotta
on March 31, 2021
We are incredibly honoured to be featured in the Cambridge Times. Click here to read the full article on page 6.
By Greentec
on January 25, 2018
According to an article we read in the Huffington Post, only half of adults recycle. It goes on to say that the reasons behind this seeming lack of interest in recycling are varied, but that they all ...
By Greentec
on January 19, 2018
Making your business or organization compliant with PIPEDA — the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act — can feel like a big task. If you don’t have access to dedicated ...
By Greentec
on December 20, 2017
  Another year has come and gone - and what a year it was! As we take the time to reflect back on the year, we are thankful for the dedicated team we have, humbled by our accomplishments and excited ...
By Greentec
on October 16, 2017
What are you and your organization doing reduce and divert waste from landfills? Waste Reduction Week is the perfect time to think about how you can do more.
By Greentec
on August 23, 2017
Maybe you've heard about this concept of a circular economy, maybe you haven't. Either way, you can expect to hear more about it in the future. Here's a quick primer.