Individual Producer Responsibility is More than Just Compliance

The right strategy for electronics manufacturers not only protects the environment, it protects your brand reputation.


You actually need...


The right compliance services partner...

  • won't broker or sell you someone else's weight
  • will offer credible on-the-ground capacity, real facilities - never purchased data
  • will remove audit risk with a seamless tracking that is entirely in-house
  • won't risk your reputation with lax data security and disposal practices that can alarm consumers and create negative PR
  • will bring a regulatory and environmental record that goes back multiple decades

Clients We Serve

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We value our relationship with Greentec.

I recommend Greentec’s services to any company that needs to properly dispose of old IT equipment. 

Choosing the right service provider is key to our success.

We needed a service provider to help us dispose of our old IT equipment and electronics in a secure and sustainable manner ...  Greentec has the expertise and the certifications to ensure that we are meeting these goals.

How it all works was very impressive.

From organizing the service to the ease of pickup, as well as the very knowledgeable person picking up the goods at the other end explaining the process and how it all works was very impressive. 

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Pablo Jaramillo, Red Bull Canada Ltd.
University of Toronto
Joanne Oliver, Under Armour

Our Certifications

Greentec is an approved processor for processing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

NAID AAA Certified for on-site and plant-based data destruction


SERI R2v3 Certified for Electronics Refurbishing and E-Waste Recycling

MOECC logo

Approved by The Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

Permit ECA 6247-6VDJUA

ISO 45001 Certified Health and Safety Management System

iso 9001

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System

Our Awards


OECM Awards

Partner for Electronic Device Disposal Services

Partner for Secure Data Destruction Services

Partner for Electronic Recycling Services


Circular Innovation Council

Take Back the Light Processor Approval

Three-time platinum award for program operator and sustainable service category

wea_bw-01 (1)

Web Excellence Awards


Awarded Best of Web for the category of Corporate Social Responsibility

Greentec Advantages that Ensure RPRA Compliance

  • 27-year 100% compliance record
  • Real on-site collection with real capacity: compliance and recycling from start to finish
  • In-house logistics and staffing with no outsourced or brokered weight
  • Fully transparent processes and reporting with complete data sets
  • Environmental compliance for IT recycling
What Disposition Mapping Provides@2x

Here's what confidence looks like.

Greentec delivers seamless and fully compliant services that take the worry out of RPRA
Fully Certified Expertise and Facilities
Secure and Accessible Locations Across the Region
In-Depth Documentation
Trusted by the Largest Global Tech Leaders
Advanced Processing Systems
Highest Level of Environmental Protection
Complete, Transparent, and Accurate Reporting
Vetted, In-House Technicians
Producers get confident compliance that protects both reputation and the environment.

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