About Us

Founded in 1995, we specialize in IT lifecycle management services, helping businesses  securely dispose of IT assets, with a focus on data security, environmental sustainability, and maximizing value recovery.

Lifecycle Management Solutions that protect your data privacy and the planet

Greentec simplifies ITAD and E-Waste with a comprehensive assessment and a secure chain-of-custody to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Our team ensures data is securely erased, environmental impact is minimized, and value from electronic devices is maximized. Trust Greentec Lifecycle Solutions for secure, sustainable handling of your ITAD and E-Waste, and unlock value from reusable and recyclable components.


  • Secure logistics and chain-of-custody
  • Certified Data Destruction performed to NIST 800 and Department of Defence Standards

  • Asset audit, electronic device recovery and end-of-life recycling

  • Certificate of Destruction, Certificate of Recycling, itemized asset reporting and more

Vision Mission


Our goal is to create a future where a circular economy ensures a safe and waste-free environment for everyone. We aim to be the driving force behind this movement by providing our customers with sustainable and secure IT lifecycle solutions.

Our Philosophy

  • simplify ITAD by removing complexities and staff burden
  • eliminate data privacy risks by securely destroying data
  • recover valuable resources through repurposing and recycling equipment
  • reduce carbon emissions to help protect our planet

What Customers are Saying

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Great easy to use service you provide, keeping people's personal information safe, keeping electronics out of landfills and your donation to our nonprofit volunteer organization helps us serve our community.

Mark Sauers
Mike Sauer

A satisfied customer

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The e-waste was removed in an efficient and timely manner. A replacement gaylord to collect future wastes was provided free of charge.

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Tak Chen

Another satisfied customer

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They were very helpful and I appreciate the computers donated to my classes :)

Jonathan Poma

Yet another satisfied customer

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Service is usually timely and your employees are friendly and helpful.

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Marshall Smith

Guess what? Happy customer here

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Efficient, timely and helpful. As well, replied to email in a timely manner.

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Mandip Gandham

You guessed it: a satisfied customer

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Yesterday I met up with your workers at their first stop, at Kerns Public School. This was my first experience in working with Greentec, and I was extremely impressed with your workers and with the excellent service we received. Thank you for an excellent and efficient pickup job.

Mark Gionet
Mark Gionet

Yeah, he's definitely happy

Our Story

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How It All Began

Greentec started helping customers dispose and recycle printer cartridges. Services included pick-up, sorting and recycling used printer cartridges

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ISO 14001 Certification and introduced "Think Recycle"

Introduced “Think Recycle” program with ISO 14001 certification and started collecting and recycling cell phones

800 x 400 (5)

E-Waste Solutions and Electronics Recycling

Expanded recycling solutions and operations for mobile phones and electronic devices

800 x 400 (6)

Secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Expanded to 83,000 sq.ft. facility and started managing customers ITAD and e-waste disposal and recycling

800 x 400 (7)

Advanced Technology

New Research Chair at Conestoga College for developing new technology to process e-waste. Implemented automation for asset functional testing, data erasure, and component diagnostics

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Awards and Recognition

Accredited R2 Certification, NAID AAA Certifications and Platinum Partner Supplier with OECM

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Sustainability Reporting

Published Greentec First Sustainability Report

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Established COVID-19 Procedures

Established Covid-19 Operating Measures and Guidelines


Lifecycle Solutions that are Secure, Compliant and Transparent

You can trust we will share what we’re doing at each step of the recycling process. We ensure IT assets and electronic devices we handle are tracked from onsite pickup to final destination. Our experts manage each and every step of the process, from beginning to end, so you know exactly where all materials end up. We also guarantee compliance with data privacy, health, safety, and environmental regulations.


Greentec is certified for secure data destruction, electronics refurbishing and e-waste recycling

International Standards Organization 14001:2015


NAID AAA Certified for on-site and plant-based data destruction


SERI R2v3 Certified for Electronics Refurbishing and E-Waste Recycling

MOECC logo

Approved by The Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

Permit ECA 6247-6VDJUA

ISO 45001 Certified Health and Safety Management System

iso 9001

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System



OECM Platinum Awards


Partner for Electronic Device Disposal Services

Partner for Secure Data Destruction Services

Partner for Electronic Recycling Services


Circular Innovation Council


Take Back the Light Processor Approval

Three-time platinum award for program operator and sustainable service category


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Web Excellence Awards


Awarded Best of Web for the category of Corporate Social Responsibility