Charitable Donations and Fundraising

Giving Back To Our Communities

Greentec is on a mission to support the communities that we serve by giving back with financial support and technology donations to students, health care workers and charitable organizations. Our mission is to donate a portion of our profits to help those in our community.


Technology Donations

As the COVID-19 pandemic changed life for many Ontario families, Greentec is donating computers to students and charitable organizations - so far we've over $42,000 in tech value, so students can continue learning online in these challenging times.

Funding Research

Working with higher education, Greentec provided over $400,000 in-kind and financial support to Conestoga College students with hands-on experience developing solutions for real-world problems. Project Lexi dismantles hard drives to improve efficiency and recycling capabilities.

Supporting Local Healthcare Providers

Greentec donated $5,500 towards the purchase of medical equipment at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Greentec has also supported the London Health Science Foundation with another $5,000 in funding donations.
Collection Partners

Think Recycle®

Our partners get paid to collect and recycle mobile phones, laptop computers, iPads and tablets. We help partners across Canada and the US collect e-waste and raise money. Our partners include well-known schools, charities and businesses.

Partner Benefits

As a registered partner, you will enjoy full access to all of our partner support services including:
  • Promotional Incentives and tools
  • An account which provides access to logistical support and to receive payment
  • Up to date news on Think Recycle special promotions and incentives

  • Incentives for Smart Phones -$5.00 each

  • Incentives for Laptop Computers - $5.00 each

  • Incentives for iPads and Tablets - $5.00 each

How It Works

Interested in joining Think Recycle, but don’t know where to start? Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll be on your way in no time!

Register as a New Partner

As a registered partner, you will enjoy full access to all of our partner support services including promotional tools, logistical support, and special promotions and incentives.

Start Collecting

Acceptable items include cell phones, smart phones, laptop computers, iPads and tablets. Once your collection boxes are full, let us know and we will provide shipping instructions.

Get Paid!

Our program is simple. We pay you based on items collected. Once we receive your collected items we weigh them and let you know how much money you’ve earned. It’s that simple!

Our Partners

David Suzuki Foundation partners with Greentec to raise funds by recycling old cell phones, iPads, and laptop computers.
EarthShare has partnered with Greentec on the recycling of old electronics. Together we can divert millions of pounds of harmful and sometimes toxic e-waste from entering landfill sites. Materials are then re-purposed or recycled so they can be used in the production of new products!

Success Stories

Greentec helps Mira recycle electronics and raise money to provide trained service dogs, to visually and physically impaired individuals and to children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). So, thanks to the Greentec team for their help in recycling our electronics.

Simon Tremblay

Mira Foundation

The students learned a lot about the importance of recycling electronics and how to raise funds for a good cause. The service was excellent, and I am grateful to the Greentec staff as we will always treasure this experience.

The Eco Club

Saint-Noël Chambanel

They have helped us tremendously in our mission to transform unwanted computers into educational tools for children in need. In doing so, we are helping to preserve the environment through the responsible reuse and recycling of electronic waste.

Our main source of funding is through the collection and recycling of electronic waste.

Chris Vileye

Computers for Kids

Want to join the program?

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