By Tony Perrotta
on February 12, 2024
Introduction In recent years, Canada has seen a significant increase in electronic waste (e-waste), making it the fastest-growing waste stream in the country. E-waste encompasses discarded electronic ...
Benefits Beyond Green: Why Sustainable ITAD Makes Good Business Sense
By Tony Perrotta
on February 05, 2024
Aligning Sustainability with Profitability: Unveiling the Business Value of Sustainable IT Asset Disposition In today's marketplace, where consumers and investors are increasingly demanding ...
Greening IT: Navigating the Intersection of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Climate Change
By Greentec
on February 02, 2024
I. Introduction A. The Carbon Footprint of Technology Technology has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. From smartphones to laptops and data centers, these gadgets and their manufacturing ...
Unpacking E-Waste: Unseen Hazards and Alarming Implications
By Greentec
on February 01, 2024
Introduction Electronic waste, or E-waste, is a burgeoning global problem that is gaining attention at an unprecedented rate. As our lives become more interconnected with electronic devices, the ...