A career where we invest in you, while you
invest in safeguarding the planet

Cutting-edge technology, training and opportunities that help protect companies and communities at the end of IT lifecycle

Team Culture


We are creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. Your contribution will matter and your skills will grow.
Learn Environmental and Data Security

Learn Environmental
and Data Security

Every position contributes to the critical role of protecting client data and safeguarding the environment.
Certifications and Skills

Certifications and

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. You'll learn the skills that help us meet multiple certifications that ensure we deliver the latest and most qualified end-of-life IT management.
What we do

What we do

Greentec helps companies and organizations properly manage their data and technology at end-of-lifecycle.

Join our team in providing:

  • Onsite Pick-up E-Waste
  • De-installation and removal of IT equipment
  • Ensuring a secure chain-of-custody
  • Managing data destruction
  • Completing device testing and refurbishing
  • Electronics recycling for a broad array of devices

Our customers receive complete documentation of process and certified disposition that safeguards their data and reputation.

In the voice of our team

"I've worked at Greentec for over 10 years as the Refurb Supervisor. I manage a dedicated team of computer technicians that provide technical expertise to the Greentec sales teams, by ensuring they can offer the highest level of support to customers."

Mohammed Sadak

Refurb Supervisor

“Greentec offers you opportunities to improve your industry knowledge and advance your skill sets.”

Bryce Tiffney


Shane is the operator of our innovative LCD / Bulb machinery called the BLUBOX. Within his role, Shane has advanced his skills and built key relationships across the Greentec team, which has provided him with the know-how and awareness to make environmentally conscious decisions each and every day.

Shane Whiteside

BLUBOX Operator

Barb, Kerlin, and the Greentec production team have demonstrated their dedication to providing an inclusive and supportive work environment for numerous job seekers. They continue to help barriered candidates overcome challenges and find meaningful solutions to ensure positive retention and long-term employment. A few examples of this would be: 
  • Utilizing Google translate for those with extreme language barriers throughout the interview, on boarding, and training processes. Sometimes having friends or family or a staff member of Greentec take part in these actions to facilitate accurate communication
  • Accommodating for those with physical restrictions when reasonable
  • Pairing new employees up one-on-one with senior staff or management to support with the training and if there is a language barrier then finding staff who speak the same language to ease this process (if there is one available)

Greentec Certifications

Learn more about Greentec Certifications

Greentec is a certified IT lifecycle management company that helps businesses in Canada and the US securely dispose of information technology assets, batteries, lighting and safely recycle electronic equipment.


We are a team of problem solvers that want to do our best work. We are goal-setters that want to learn and grow. We are passionate about helping organizations transform their information technology lifecycles to a more secure and sustainable future.

If this aligns with your passions and goals, you’ve come to the right place.

We're Giving Back Charitable Support

When you join the team at Greentec, you'll be helping to champion the many charitable organizations that we support through financial and technology donations, public relationships, and environmental advocacy.

Greentec not only protects your data and our planet, we help to build a circular economy that is opening the doors to a new future for people across the nation.

Charitable support
Production Plant

Featured Positions: 
Production Plant

Team members participate in supporting operations, logistics, transportation, tech refurbishing, material handling, and processing. The Greentec production team is key to secure and sustainable management of e-waste from across the country.

Open Positions

Greentec is looking for talented people to help grow our amazing team. We are an equal opportunity employer.