The Hard Costs of How To Wipe A Hard Drive On A Dead Computer
By Greentec
on August 25, 2022
We go beyond explaining how to wipe a hard drive on a dead computer and outline the underlying costs associated with this process Have you ever wondered what happens to data when a computer dies? ...
How IT professionals prepare for a Data Center Clean-Out
By Greentec
on July 14, 2022
The steps to prepare for a data center clean-out Are you looking to do a system refresh? Do you want to know how IT professionals prepare to dispose of old data center equipment? Do you want to get ...
DIY data erasure software uses standards that are called safe but are risky
By Greentec
on July 13, 2022
DIY data erasure software uses standards that are called safe, but in reality, can have an adverse effect. Here are four data erasure approaches with their pros and cons. Computer hardware isn't ...
Is in-house degaussing a safe way to erase data?
By Greentec
on July 12, 2022
Degaussing is more complex than waving a magnet around a hard drive Over time, we accumulate hard drives, computers, cell phones, and other data storing devices, most of which carry our personal and ...
4 Benefits of E Waste Recycling
By Greentec
on July 11, 2022
Why E Waste Recyling is Our Future In a world where almost everyone owns an electronic gadget, the amount of e-waste produced continues to increase. In 2021, the volume of e-waste generated worldwide ...
Balancing Security & Sustainability
By Tony Perrotta
on May 27, 2022
Addressing School Board ITAD Needs Proper device disposition within your school board can make a significant difference in how efficiently your schools and IT team can protect vital data and increase ...
Remove Files and Clean the Drive: How to Wipe Windows 10 Laptop PCs
By Tony Perrotta
on May 16, 2022
How to Remove Files and Clean the Drive: From Backup to Wipe Hard Drive Gone are the days where you can sell or dispose of a laptop PC without wiping your device entirely of its data. Your computer ...
Secure E Waste: How to Ensure Ironclad Data Erasure
By Tony Perrotta
on May 04, 2022
By following this process, secure e waste is obtainable before it hits the bin Looking to securely recycle your electronics without compromising any data? Below we share the step-by-step process of ...
By Greentec
on April 21, 2022
Reducing the carbon demand to produce new devices and diverting e-waste from the environment, Greentec and the Toronto Zoo partner on Phone Apes
How to Delete Everything in Your MacBook (OS)
By Tony Perrotta
on March 30, 2022
Here's our guide on how to delete everything in your MacBook from the latest, Cheyenne, to any previous OS Is your company planning an upgrade to its computer devices? If this includes replacing ...