Addressing the Top IT Disposition Concerns of School Boards

    What is ITAD?

    IT asset disposition is the ​​disposal of obsolete or unwanted IT assets in a secure, safe and ecologically-responsible manner.

    A powerful tool for your organization, IT disposition mapping outlines the entire process of your IT disposition and can be tailored specifically to your organization's IT assets, needs, and goals. 

    The Top IT Disposition Concerns of School Boards

    1. How can school boards track what assets are being dispositioned?

    It is no secret that school boards have a massive amount of assets to manage, track and eventually dispose of. Effectively managing all of these assets can easily become overwhelming for your busy IT team. 

    Working with a certified electronic recycling service provider like Greentec, school boards of any size can confidently tackle every stage of their devices’ lifecycles.

    With the help of Greentec’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Mapping process, tracking where devices are in their lifecycle, deciding when they need to be dispositioned and understanding where they are in their disposition process becomes second nature.

    We know you have enough on your plate. Luckily, managing asset disposition doesn’t have to be a task your school board takes on alone. 


    2. How can they ensure data-bearing devices are properly wiped?

    Protecting staff and students’ private information is vital once devices have reached their end of life cycles and need to be dispositioned. Leaving devices in storage leaves your school board vulnerable to data attacks, but trying to manually wipe old devices in-house can be incredibly time-consuming.

    Instead of taking up time and resources by trying to wipe devices, working with an organization certified in secure data destruction, such as Greentec, can take the burden and guesswork out of wiping old devices and simplify your asset disposition for the future.


    3. How can they be more sustainable?

    IT asset disposition is not only critical for protecting staff and student data and privacy, it also allows your school board to be a leader in environmental sustainability.

    E-waste is a growing environmental issue around the world. As e-waste levels continue to rise, more toxic elements like mercury and lead are leaking into our soil and waterways. By aligning your ITAD process with a NAID and R2v3 certified electronic recycler, your school board can divert harmful materials from the environment while also contributing valuable materials back into the circular economy to help produce new devices.

    Aligning your ITAD with Greentec, you can remain confident your school board is a sustainable leader in your community. 


    4. How can they efficiently track their asset disposition?

    Keeping track of all IT assets within the school board, their unique stage within their lifecycle, and reporting on all devices during the disposition process requires a vast amount of resources.

    As opposed to taking time away from staff to manage the ITAD reporting process, working with a security and sustainability leader to process and report on your ITAD efforts will leave your organization free to focus on what you do best — shaping the minds of the future.

    Working with Greentec, in-depth documentation and reporting begin from the moment devices are picked up and continue through to the secure data destruction and device disposition stage. Once all devices are processed, your school board will receive a comprehensive report, including information on all devices processed, as well as your security and sustainability compliance. 


    5. How can all logistics be simplified?

    You don’t need to take on every stage of ITAD yourself. From the moment of pick-up, Greentec will arrive with certified background-checked drivers and secure containers to collect all devices.

    These containers are tracked from each school board location to the Greentec facility and throughout the data destruction process, to ensure devices are accounted for and all data is destroyed. 

    Regular pick-ups mean you don’t have to plan ahead for your school board’s ITAD management and with a quick phone call, Greentec can account for on-demand pick-ups on an as-need basis. 

    As a trusted Preferred OECM Vendor, Greentec is highly experienced in the asset requirements of ​​Ontario’s publicly funded education sector, providing you with the best overall value for your security and sustainability needs. 

    You are never on your own when it comes to ITAD. Working with a trusted service provider, your school board can become a confident security and sustainability leader. 


    Need Support? Align Your ITAD Efforts with Greentec.

    IT disposition mapping is critical for any school board, therefore it is best to begin with an industry expert, who can guide you through the various regulations and internal requirements for disposition and e-waste. 

    With Greentec’s help, you can remain confident in the fact that your organization is not only a leader in security and sustainability, but is also able to view hidden opportunities and strategically plan a full digital transformation that will allow you to innovate and stay ahead, further enriching the lives of your students and staff. 

    For more information on how Greentec can kickstart your school board’s IT and e-waste disposition process, schedule a free ITAD Roadmap call with our experienced team.  

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