Greentec: Your Trusted OECM Partner for Secure ITAD and E-Waste Recycling

    For the second time in a row, Greentec has been awarded recognition as a Preferred OECM Vendor. Offering trusted service to Ontario’s publicly funded education and healthcare sectors, Greentec handles the secure disposition of media, IT assets, and e-waste for customers where security and sustainability are critical. Since becoming an OECM partner in 2020, Greentec has been able to deliver services to customers in an efficient, accessible, and cost-effective manner. Learn more about OECM and why you should be choosing Greentec as your supplier in this month’s blog.

    Why Use OECM? 

    For competitive pricing with access to the highest quality services in the marketplace, publicly funded organizations should be using OECM as a sourcing vehicle. Going through OECM allows your organization to take advantage of the sourcing process behind pre-approving vendors to find the best overall value for your needs. With access to a wide range of trustworthy vendors/suppliers through OECM, your organization saves valuable time and resources by finding exactly what you need and an easy-to-navigate tendering process. When it comes to finding the right suppliers and vendors, OECM guarantees faster results and is able to provide services to customers like you on-demand. 

    Why Choose Greentec through OECM?
    As a vetted partner/supplier through the OECM system and a certified company in Ontario, Greentec’s specialization in the safe, secure and environmentally compliant disposition of IT equipment and electronics ensures the highest level of quality and safety for partnering institutions or organizations. Due to our certifications, high level of expertise across a variety of industries and commitment to ensuring utmost data security alongside enhanced sustainability, we confidently stand out as a unique supplier/vendor amongst the OECM Marketplace. 

    The electronic equipment used in schools and hospitals is likely to contain private or proprietary information as well as licensed software that needs to be protected at end-of-life. From the computers used in labs to those dedicated to personal use, each device must be processed properly to reduce the risk unauthorized access poses to your organization.  

    Through IT Asset Disposal, Secure Data Destruction and E-Waste Recycling, Greentec works to remove the critical data and private information housed on computer systems. These services can all be sourced through OECM to make processing electronic equipment simple and safe. 

    Being recognized as a Preferred Gold Supplier partner with OECM for the second straight year, Greentec continues to be highlighted for our specialty in device disposal services for education and healthcare. 

    What Makes Greentec Different from Other OECM Vendors?

    Greentec is the only IT and E-waste Disposition Service Provider that offers:

    • 25-year history with Zero data privacy breaches and Zero Environmental violations
    • Security and Sustainability Mapping for IT and E-waste disposition
    • Audited and trusted by the world’s largest tech brands
    • Provides charitable donations to Students and Health-Care workers
    • Innovative Blubox TM technology for processing devices with hazards
    • Produces a Sustainability report
    • Fully certified for data destruction, device refurbishing, and electronics recycling

    If you want confidence in data security and environmental compliance, choose a partner who is trusted by the world’s largest tech brands.

    Before you hire your next vender be sure to ask about:

    • Security and Environmental compliance records
    • Liability exposure from third-party litigation
    • Availability of NAID and R2 certified technicians
    • Background checks for all their employees
    • Safeguards for brand reputational risks

    Greentec is making the final mile of your IT hardware an important addition to your digital transformation. IT asset disposition should add value to your digital transformation, not put it at risk.

    Call us for:

    Contact Greentec to start working with us today or select us through the OECM portal for the tendering process for your organization. Make sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to learn more about our services and stay up to date with our mission.


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