Greentec – Your Trusted OECM Supplier

    Greentec is the preferred OECM Supplier, offering trusted service to Ontario’s publicly funded education sector, broader public sector, provincially funded organizations, crown corporations, and any other broader public sector agencies for the secure disposal of media, IT and e-waste. With customized lifecycle solutions for recycling electronic devices, we offer something uniquely suited to your needs.

    Since becoming an OECM partner, Greentec has been able to deliver services to customers in an efficient, accessible, and cost-effective manner. Learn more about OECM and why you should be choosing Greentec as your supplier in this month’s blog.

    Why Use OECM?

    OECM is a trusted not-for-profit collaborative sourcing partner for Ontario’s education sector, broader public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations. Contracting with innovative, reputable suppliers to offer a comprehensive choice of quality products and services, OECM generates significant savings for its customers. Discover more about OECM’s benefits on its website.

    Why Choose Greentec?

    As a vetted supplier through the OECM sourcing process and a certified e-waste company in Ontario, Greentec’s specialization in the safe, secure and environmentally sustainable disposal of electronic devices. This ensures the highest level of quality and safety for partnering institutions or organizations.

    Recognizing that your processes are unique to your organization, Greentec listens to its clients and develops a customized solution designed to meet your device lifecycle needs. The combination of our experience and knowledge makes Greentec the preferred vendor through OECM.

    The electronic equipment used in schools and hospitals is likely to contain private or proprietary information as well as licensed software that needs to be protected at end-of-life. From the computers used in labs to those dedicated to personal use, each device must be processed properly to reduce the risk with unauthorized access poses to your organization. 

    Through Asset Disposal, Secure Data Destruction and E-Waste Recycling, Greentec works to remove the critical data and private information stored on computer systems. These services can all be sourced through OECM to make disposing of electronic devices simple and safe. 

    Additional Safety Steps During These Challenging Times

    To protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and community, we have made significant changes to the way we operate and have taken the following steps to prevent the spread of COVID–19:

    • We are asking all Employees not feeling well to stay at home and consult with their doctor and to communicate with us;
    • Employees who have traveled out of Country or have had family members who have done so, and/or who have been in proximity to anyone suspected of having or confirmed with having the virus within the last 14 days, are required to self-isolate at home for the next 14 days;
    • We are not allowing any visitors to enter our facility in Cambridge, Ontario;
    • We continue to share best practices including social distancing, hand washing and avoiding touching your face in the workplace and at home;
    • We are providing all employees with personal protective equipment and reputable websites to monitor the situation as it continues to evolve;
    • We are ensuring that all materials entering and leaving Greentec have been in quarantine for a minimum of 72 hours;
    • We have implemented our Business Continuity Plan, to allow some employees to work from home.

    To read our full update on our COVID-19 processes as an essential business, click here.

    If you’re in need of an approved and trusted OECM supplier, choose Greentec! We’re committed to advancing the circular economy through our sustainable e-waste recycling practices and would be happy to take care of your end-of-life, old or unused computers.

    Contact Greentec to start working with us today. Make sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to learn more about our services and stay up to date with our mission.


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