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By Tony Perrotta on February 22, 2022


CAMBRIDGE, ON | FEBRUARY 22, 2022 — Strengthening data security and privacy for organizations across Canada through compliant and transparent data destruction services, Greentec is pleased to announce their approved registration under the Controlled Goods Program with the Government of Canada. 

Under this registration, Greentec now has authorization to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods that include components and technical data of national security significance. Moving forward, Greentec will offer its world-class data destruction services to a wider variety of industries, including government agencies, military, law enforcement and financial institutions. 

On a global scale, data security breaches are increasing in frequency, with 2021 exceeding previous records for total global data security breaches, at a 151 per cent increase compared to the first half of 2020. This pattern is expected to continue into 2022, posing severe economic and safety risks to Canadian citizens. Offering their security expertise to a variety of critical industries that handle the public’s data, Greentec will play a significant role in developing security plans for the safeguarding of controlled goods, as well as ensuring public safety. 

“Receiving approval under the Controlled Goods Program is an important step for Greentec,” says Greentec’s Compliance Officer Rebecca Herman. “Alongside protecting critical data that is often shared within government agencies, law enforcement and financial institutions, we are able to combine our accountable and secure security solutions, with our ongoing commitment to sustainable asset disposal.”

Authorized to bid on contracts, Greentec is expanding its services to focus on tech components and data as defined by the Defense Production Act, while continuing to provide secure and sustainable IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) across a variety of public and private sector industries. 

“Our commitment to compliant and transparent data destruction is what has enabled us to receive our Controlled Goods certification and address a new sector of secure data needs,” says Greentec President and CEO Tony Perrotta. “Expanding our ITAD services to include technical devices or information at the highest levels of data security will allow us to have an even greater impact on our country’s safety.” 

As cyber communication and digital data sharing expands around the world, the need to protect data will continue to be at the forefront of public safety concerns. In a bid to reduce risks and develop preventative strategies, experts in secure data destruction and device disposal, like Greentec, will be essential in the protection of national security. 



Published by Tony Perrotta February 22, 2022