Every organization's ITAD nightmare.

The unexpected is hiding in your digital transformation.


DIY Disposal is sucking up staff time.

You were trying to reduce costs but wasted IT staff time on cumbersome tasks without the right tools, certifications, or any assurance that you are actually in compliance with multiple regulations.

You were counting on your recycler to ensure compliance and security.

But they treat your end-of-life assets like scrap metal to be recycled. Sloppy IT and eWaste disposition opens doors to PR and reputation risks for years to come.

You discovered that hidden data was ignored.

Secure information that exposes both employees and the organization finds its way into all the devices you're disposing of. Hidden data in your discarded eWaste and IT assets can find its way into the wrong hands.

Basic documentation leaves your team vulnerable.

Whether it's through an internal audit or regulatory inspection, discovering that your documentation and process were flawed damages careers and the organization's reputation.


You'd have a no-hassle approach to ITAD and eWaste that gives you absolute confidence that you've removed the risk and maximized the value.

You actually need...

A seamless approach to ITAD and eWaste that reliably delivers on security, environmental responsibility, and maximum return of value.


  • 100% Confidence that your ITAD plan is being handled responsibly, every time.
  • Complete documentation of personnel, process, and disposition that safeguards your reputation and provides an accurate audit trail.
  • Lifting of staff burden, while locking down security and compliance.
  • On-time services by certified employees who ensure smooth pick-up and documentation.

What Leaders Need to Know

Three ways to jeopardize your digital transformation.

Electronic Recyclers

Promise a simple process and a quick turnaround, but provide a lack of secure processes, workers without background checks, minimal reporting, and risky environmental practices.

No guarantee of compliance or security and confuse disposal with secure IT disposition.

Do-It-All Hardware Vendors

Promise the convenience of ITAD and eWaste along with their hardware and software installation. But, since ITAD and eWaste is just a sideline without their full attention, secure disposal and environmental leadership aren't assured.

eWaste and IT assets can be thrown away like packing material instead of the responsible final leg of your digital transformation.

They focus on installation and miss the documentation and attention that disposition requires.

Incumbent Providers

Promise to make it easy by avoiding a new process. It may feel easy to stick with legacy providers, but they often miss critical emerging requirements and avoid updates that put security at risk. Plus, they may be using uncertified outsourced staffing.

Settle for limited documentation and miss public relations opportunities tied to environmental leadership.

ITAD and eWaste-icon

ITAD and eWaste should never put your digital transformation at risk.

It's time for absolute certainty that your ITAD & eWaste needs match your position as a community leader and your need for security.

Find out how your ITAD & eWaste can do more than “just go away.”

No one, including your vendors, should mistake your data security and environmental leadership for something that fits disposal. You can get more with a fully mapped disposition.