Secure Ewaste Recycling Pickup in Markham, Ontario

Are you a business or individual in Markham, Ontario with a pile of electronic waste (eWaste) accumulating? It's time to consider secure and eco-friendly disposal solutions for your unused IT equipment. At Greentec, we provide a hassle-free, secure pickup service for all your eWaste recycling needs right at your doorstep.

Our services cater to various types of electronic waste including:


  • Computers
  • IT Equipment
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Mobile Devices
  • Monitors
  • Telecom Hardware
  • Servers
  • Healthcare Equipment
  • and much more!
Why Choose Us?
  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Battery + Lamp Recycling
  • E-Scrap Recovery
  • LifeCycle Management

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Get Responsible and Compliant IT Asset Disposition with Greentec


At Greentec, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and data security. As industry leaders in Markham, Ontario you can trust us with all your eWaste recycling needs.

Don't let old electronics take up space or become an environmental hazard. Schedule a secure pickup today and contribute to a greener future for Markham. Remember, when you choose to recycle, you're not just disposing of eWaste—you're taking a stand for your community and the environment.

We were very happy with the Greentec team, because they were professional and easy to work with. They came right to our offices, picked-up and recycled our old devices.

Always available and quick response when called for pickup. Great service!

From organizing the service to the ease of pickup, as well as the very knowledgeable person picking up the goods at the other end explaining the process and how it all works was very impressive. I would recommend and use your services again. Thank you!

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Our Certifications

Greentec is an approved processor for Electronic Waste Recycling
NAID Certified

NAID AAA Certified

R2v3 1

SERI R2v3 Certified


Ontario MOECC Approved

Permit ECA 6247-6VDJUA

ISO 14001 Certified


ISO 45001 Certified

ISO 9001-2015 bw

ISO 9001 Certified

Our Awards


OECM Awards


Supplier Partner for Electronic Device Disposal Services

Supplier Partner for Secure Data Destruction Services

Supplier Partner for Electronic Recycling Services


Recycling Council of Ontario Awards


Three-time platinum award for program operator and sustainable service category

Bronze award for communications category