By Tony Perrotta on October 20, 2016

Welcome to Our New Website!

Since our humble beginnings in 1995, Greentec Inc. has grown from recycling ink cartridges to being able to fulfill your end-to-end needs for secure IT asset disposal, electronic waste recycling, and certified data destruction. Greentec Inc. is ISO 14001, R2 and NAID Certified and is unmatched in the secure e-waste recycling world. We are passionate about our ability to protect your business and our environment. We envision a world where circular business practices are industry-standard. Where old IT products are securely refurbished for reuse or broken down and its components recycled to become new products. Our mission is to help clients recover value from their old electronics through their safe disposal. 
“Our mission as an e-waste recycling company has always been to protect your business and the environment. We take pride in delivering superior customer service from the first point of contact to the point of service. This business-focused design gives clients and potential clients a simple and clear digital hub to begin their experience with us and to use as a resource to come back to again and again throughout the relationship.” – Tony Perrotta, President
We wanted our new website to reflect our core philosophies and provide the best possible experience for our current and future clients across all digital platforms. In keeping with our continuous drive for innovation and improvement, we thought it was time to upgrade our digital presence. This site will act as a resource for industry announcements surrounding government compliance, best practices and advancements in the field of secure electronics recycling, as well as our own company updates and expert articles through our new blog. now has a modern and clean look that features customized content and resources, mobile optimization, and well-defined navigation that makes it easier than ever to find the services and opportunities our clients are looking for.
“Our team is thrilled to have a website that offers our customers and users a positive experience that is clear and to the point. Being leaders in the field of secure asset disposal, certified destruction and e-waste recycling, we want to ensure that our customers and future customers have the best possible starting point and experience to learn about requirements, certifications and services needed to be compliant.” – Betty Pereira, COO, Greentec Inc. is truly your one-stop solution for all things electronic recycling and secure IT asset disposal. Follow us on our social channels! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn  
Published by Tony Perrotta October 20, 2016