By Tony Perrotta on December 18, 2018

How to Securely Recycle Computers and IT Equipment

Approximately 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years! With such a staggering amount of data in our world it’s important now more than ever to make sure that your organization’s information is safe and secure from the beginning of your devices’ life to the end. Case in point: 64% of North Americans have experienced at least one type of data breach in their lifetime. Keeping information secure is essential for any business. But security doesn’t stop when the device is too outdated to get the job done. With your data and information at risk, computers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices can’t simply be thrown away. Greentec recommends two ways to handle obsolete and end-of-life computers and IT equipment to keep your business’ data safe even after you get rid of your device. 1. Certified Data Erasure Certified data erasure is the best course of action if your IT equipment is going to be resold for future use. Reselling allows you to maximize the value of your devices. Greentec uses specialized encrypted technology to completely sanitize and wipe all information from your devices, while maintaining physical integrity of the device. Your devices can then be safely and securely sold at Shop Greentec, and you can recoup as much value as possible from your IT equipment without compromising the safety of your data. 2. Certified Shred Certified shred is the best method for end-of-life devices that cannot be resold. This method physically destroys your electronic devices to ensure that all your data is completely and permanently eliminated. Product recovery is not an option with certified shred. Greentec’s state-of-the-art industrial shredders ensure the safety of our valued employees, while also keeping your information secure through complete destruction. Guaranteed Security Data safety and security continues even as your computers and IT equipment reach their end-of-life stage. Greentec takes security and transparency seriously as devices are recycled or refurbished. Our chain-of-custody service will document and track the movement of your device from the moment we pick it up to the moment it arrives at our secure facility. This service means that you can trust that your valuable and confidential information is completely safe and secure throughout our recycling process. Furthermore, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction upon completion, including a video of our data destruction process. Greentec received recognition from OECM when we were awarded supplier partner for Electronic Device Disposal Services, Electronic Recycling Services and Secure Data Destruction Services. In addition to being verified and audited by the Electronics Products Recycling Association to conform to the Canadian Electronic Recycling Standard, we also have certification for: We are an approved processor with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program for processing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Greentec is approved by The Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to operate a waste-disposal processing site, permit ECA 6247-6VDJUA. Reach out to find out more about how Greentec can help you safely and securely recycle your electronics. Connect with Greentec on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date with Greentec and recycling news.
Published by Tony Perrotta December 18, 2018