By Greentec on February 25, 2018

Growth At Greentec: Partnership with SYNNEX Canada

We have an exciting partnership to announce! Greentec has begun working with SYNNEX Canada Limited, one of Canada’s leading distributors of IT products and services.

What Does SYNNEX Do?

As we mentioned above, SYNNEX distributes IT products and services to their clients to help them solve complex problems within their organizations. Through the development of their proprietary ‘Solv’ methodology, SYNNEX is able to create custom hardware and software packages to ensure their clients are being serviced with a complete solution.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

At Greentec, we strive to help institutions and businesses safely and securely dispose of their old IT assets and equipment with our suite of end-to-end e-waste recycling and data security services. By having SYNNEX partnering with Greentec, SYNNEX clients will now have access to these services when they are making the switch to new IT equipment.

Why Is This Partnership Important?

Greentec has a vision for the future that includes a circular economy, which means that as products become obsolete they are either 100% recycled or reused into new products with zero waste. We’re also committed to ensuring no organization’s digital data is accessed by outside sources.

Securing proper e-waste recycling services can be a confusing and difficult process - we’ve heard it time and again from our clients. However, with Greentec onboard, SYNNEX’s clients can rest assured every piece of their solution will be handled quickly, efficiently, securely, and as profitably as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about SYNNEX you can visit them at

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Published by Greentec February 25, 2018