Greentec Partners with FOOD LAND to Promote Proper Electronics Recycling

    CAMBRIDGE, ON | OCTOBER 19, 2021 — Working in communities across Canada to reduce the amount of electronic devices that end up in recycling bins each and every year, Greentec has partnered with Foodland to address growing e-waste through the Norwich Electronics Recycling Event. 

    In order to ensure both businesses and consumers continue to adopt proper electronic recycling habits, greater access to electronics drop-off sites across Canada is essential. Working alongside Norwich Foodland, Cambridge-based Greentec is offering free device recycling, to help residents sustainably and safely dispose of their old electronics. 

    “Without a doubt, the greatest barrier to compliant and consistent electronics recycling is access to local and cost-efficient device drop-off sites or recycling service providers,” says Greentec President and CEO, Tony Perrotta. “Keeping in line with our company mandate of community involvement and reducing the environmental impacts of e-waste, we’re excited to provide Norwich Township with a simple solution to their electronics disposal alongside our hosts, Foodland.”

    Along with the metals used to construct everyday consumer and business electronics, the majority of devices contain a variety of harmful chemicals and toxins, including lead, chromium and flame retardants. If devices are disposed incorrectly into recycling bins, there is a heightened risk that these toxins can enter soil or groundwater, harming local wildlife and humans. Many of the materials used to construct devices, such as glass, plastic and metals, can also be recycled and integrated into the development of new products, reducing reliance on the mining and production of new materials. 

    Secure data destruction offered by Greentec will also provide Norwich residents with essential data security, ensuring any personal information hosted on their personal devices will remain private.  

    “Many small actions will undoubtedly lead to positive change. While we are a small community, we have the power to work together and make a drastic reduction in the amount of e-waste that is disposed improperly each and every year,” says Norwich Foodland Manager, Kevin McLean. “Working with Greentec, this is an excellent opportunity for Norwich to set a positive example for the rest of the province and inspire change across Canada.” 

    Hosted at the Norwich Foodland parking lot at 74 Main Street W, the Norwich Electronics Recycling Event will run on Saturday, October 23rd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and all electronic devices will be accepted, free of charge. Both residents and local businesses are encouraged to recycle their old devices. 

    For more information, please view the event details. With questions related to the event, please contact


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