By Tony Perrotta on June 28, 2019

Greentec Cares About Canada

Greentec is proud to be Canadian! For over 25 years, we have been recycling products like computers, cell phones and other electronics at end-of-life. By recycling these products the Greentec way, information is destroyed to protect your company’s privacy while still allowing materials to be recovered for reuse. 

It’s all part of our commitment to the circular economy — offering cost-effective environmental solutions to recycle electronics and reduce the waste produced by businesses throughout the country. 

For this year’s Canada Day, we wanted to highlight a few of the ways Greentec is one of the top choices for IT asset disposition and electronics recycling in Canada — from our passion for the country to how we run our business. 

1. We’re Canadian through and through 

Since the earliest days of Greentec working out of a garage in Cambridge, Greentec still remains a Canadian company. And we’re proud of that! We stay involved in our local community in a way that reflects our larger commitment to Canada. 

We are passionate about preserving Canada’s natural resources and reducing environmental pollution, and so every part of our process aims at a future where our nation is free of waste. 

Part of this includes good manners — we guarantee that no hazardous materials are sent to landfills or developing countries. We dispose of these properly and safely instead. 

2. In-depth knowledge of Canadian regulations 

We are experts when it comes to Canadian and global regulations around electronics recycling and waste disposal processing. Independent audits are conducted regularly to ensure we are complying with and conforming to industry standards and government regulations. 

We are ISO 14001, OHSAS, R2 and NAID Certified and approved for processing by The Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program for processing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. 

We do all this because we care about our country. Being certified allows us to be responsible citizens and take care of the environment. We’re constantly working to support these standards by getting involved with associations like I-SIGMA so that all Canadian e-waste processors are working with the environment’s best interests in mind. 

3. Constant innovations 

We’re also proud to work on new projects that can help establish more effective processes that are even better for the environment. From adopting state-of-the-art technology to developing new processes of our own, we are constantly searching for ways we can improve what we do. 

In collaboration with Conestoga College, Greentec is helping to develop new technologies to improve how well electronic recycling can be done. One such project is helping to dismantle hard drives and assist with the recovery of important materials. This partnership shows how innovative Canadians can be — especially when it comes to taking care of the environment!  

These are just a few ways Greentec is a proudly Canadian company — and the top choice for electronics recycling. 

Don’t forget we also sell refurbished devices! Choosing one of these devices — whether it’s a desktop or laptop — is less expensive than buying new. It also helps support the circular economy to reduce demands on our planet’s resources. 

The sale runs until July 11th, 2019. Just add the “Heat” discount code to the checkout screen to save 15% off any item over $200. Visit our store to check out the inventory. 

Happy Canada Day from the Greentec team!

Published by Tony Perrotta June 28, 2019