Greentec: Leading the Way in E-Waste Recycling and Environmental Impact

    Since 1970, every year on April 22, more than 193 countries worldwide celebrate Earth Day. It’s an important day for awareness of environmental issues and the impact climate change is having globally. At Greentec we take secure e-waste recycling very seriously. We know that what we do is helping to make a positive change with our clients and the environment.

    Material Recovery and Recycling

    We had an external audit done at the beginning of 2017 and are incredibly pleased to say that we have a 95% waste diversion rate. From an environmental perspective, the most important thing we do at Greentec is to ensure the proper method of recycling is used for electronics so that they do not end up in landfills.

    Of the 16 million pounds of electronics received each year at Greentec, 95% of this material is broken down and processed into reusable commodities like plastics, metals, and glass. A mere five percent of the materials cannot be removed and will make their way to energy-from-waste or a landfill. Although we are proud of a 95% diversion rate, we will always continue to look for ways we can improve.

    Clean Energy

    In 2016, we had 2354 solar panels installed on our roof (pictured in the featured image of this post), which cover approximately 65 000 of the 69 000 available square feet. The electricity generated by these panels is enough to power roughly 60 homes.


    ThinkRecycle is Greentec’s community fundraising program. Through ThinkRecycle different types of organizations can raise money for a cause of their choice simply by recycling their e-waste.

    A few of our partners:

    Canadian Diabetes Association

    Habitat for Humanity


    Earth Day

    There are a lot of activities and initiatives happening all over Canada in celebration of Earth Day this year. We would also suggest checking online to see what your local community may have planned. Remember, every action, no matter the size has a positive impact on our planet.

    Happy Earth Day!


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