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How To Ensure Data Erasure on an Old iPhone or iPad (iOS)
By Tony Perrotta
on December 02, 2021
The Guide to Secure Data Erasure for your Obsolete iOS Apple Products Has your business recently replaced its iPhones or iPads with the latest models? About to upgrade? Or, have you simply searched ...
Greentec Partners with FOOD LAND to Promote Proper Electronics Recycling
By Tony Perrotta
on October 25, 2021
CAMBRIDGE, ON | OCTOBER 19, 2021 — Working in communities across Canada to reduce the amount of electronic devices that end up in recycling bins each and every year, Greentec has partnered with ...
You Need to Prioritize IT Disposition Mapping For Your School Board
By Tony Perrotta
on October 22, 2021
When it is time to upgrade your school board’s IT assets, simply unplugging and throwing the device into a recycling bin is not enough to protect your organization, staff and students from potential ...
Podcast Draft
By Tony Perrotta
on October 05, 2021
Need to work out permissions, this is the transcript of Tony's recent podcast appearance.
Greentec: Your Trusted OECM Partner for Secure ITAD and E-Waste Recycling
By Tony Perrotta
on June 08, 2021
For the second time in a row, Greentec has been awarded recognition as a Preferred OECM Vendor. Offering trusted service to Ontario’s publicly funded education and healthcare sectors, Greentec ...
By Tony Perrotta
on June 08, 2021
CAMBRIDGE, ON | JUNE 1, 2021 — Greentec, a certified electronics recycling company based in Cambridge, Ontario, has been chosen by Air Canada to securely recycle and dispose of 500 flight crew iPads ...
Tony Perrotta on Know Tech Talk Podcast
By Tony Perrotta
on May 03, 2021
President and CEO Tony Perrotta was on the Know Tech Talk Podcast with Barb Paluszkiewicz, sharing insight on how to safely dispose of old IT equipment.
Air Canada Tech Lifecycle Management & Greentec
By Tony Perrotta
on April 16, 2021
At Air Canada, flight crew require powerful, up to date devices that can manage a variety of information related to the aircraft performance, flight routing and traffic. It is common practice to use ...
As Seen on CTV News- What do you do with an old cellphone? Greentec hopes to reduce Canada’s e-waste
By Tony Perrotta
on April 09, 2021
As more Canadians replace their old electronics with new technology, one Ontario-based company hopes its initiative will combat the country’s electronic waste problem, one smartphone at a time.
Greentec- Featured in the Cambridge Times
By Tony Perrotta
on March 31, 2021
We are incredibly honoured to be featured in the Cambridge Times.