By Tony Perrotta on September 17, 2018

3 Reasons to Shop Greentec’s Store for Back-to-School

The start of a new school year necessitates many big purchases for Canadian families. Although it is imperative that students have access to a reliable laptop or tablet in order to maximize their learning and academic success, brand new tech devices are not the best solution. Purchasing the tech that students need can cause strain on finances and the environment — but it doesn’t have to.   That’s where Greentec and our refurbished electronics store comes in.  You can save hundreds by buying top-quality refurbished laptops and desktops from Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo among others. We also carry refurbished peripherals and components like keyboards, monitors and hard drives. What are refurbished devices? Refurbished electronics are simply products that have been previously used. Rather than send old electronics to landfill, we repurpose what we can for reuse. Our refurbished products are repaired if necessary, fully tested and wiped clean of all previous data before being listed on our online store. In many cases, refurbished products can be expected to be as good as new in terms of lifespan and capabilities. Here are three great reasons to choose a refurbished device for this school year. 1. Save your back-to-school budget A survey by Global news demonstrates that parents typically spend more on back-to-school shopping than holiday shopping. Tech devices topped the list as being both the most expensive and coveted items on the list, with the average family spending around $600 on laptops and about $300 on smartphones. What’s of greater concern is that of the two thirds of respondents who set a budget for school shopping, a whopping 56% admit to flying past it! Blowing the back-to-school budget has repercussions that can ruin your plans for the next year. Say goodbye to that family vacation! Shopping for your back-to-school tech at Greentec can help save your budget and have your kids well prepared to tackle whatever this academic year throws at them. At Greentec you can save hundreds on the devices you need to buy for back-to-school. Shopping smart at Greentec allows you to keep that back-to-school budget on track while still providing your children with high-quality, top-brand tech devices and accessories. 2. Help the environment E-waste is becoming a massive problem around the world — and it is not slowing down. Every year 20 to 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated worldwide. While recycled e-waste can be safely processed and re-used, improperly disposed of e-waste poses a serious threat to the environment. E-waste can contain many harmful ingredients like lead, arsenic, mercury and chromium among many others. Chemicals like these in our landfills can seep into the ground and damage our plants and water supply. Not to mention the amount of water, chemicals and fossil fuels that goes into creating and transporting each tech device bought new. By purchasing a refurbished device from Greentec, you can rest assured that you are contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future while still getting a top-quality product for your favourite scholar. In fact, TechSoup posits that buying refurbished electronics is one of the most environmentally beneficial things you can do as a consumer. Do your best for the environment with refurbished electronics. 3. Greentec devices are top-notch Our refurbished computers include upgrades beyond the original configurations; RAM is often increased to 8 gig or more. Some units come in a variety on configurations for power, storage or speed. It is great to have options for saving all those media files, using extra memory for complex tasks, or enjoying the speed of a solid-state drive. Greentec is approved by the National Association for Information Destruction so you can be sure that all hard drives are securely wiped and sanitized using specialized encrypted software which totally erases all traces of data. The computers and laptops purchased from Greentec are like new, with absolutely zero evidence left from previous owners. This ensures personal data protection and privacy. You can rest assured that the refurbished electronics you purchase from Greentec will be completely clean and homework-ready. So what are you waiting for? Back-to-school shopping at Greentec saves you money on safe, high-quality brand name tech while doing your part to save the environment. Check out the Greentec store here , with back-to-school specials here. To stay up-to-date with Greentec and available refurbished tech follow us on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn.  
Published by Tony Perrotta September 17, 2018