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By Tony Perrotta on March 20, 2019

Watch Greentec on CTV News “In Your Backyard”

CTV News Kitchener visited the Greentec facility recently to film a segment for the “In Your Backyard” program. We are proud to be profiled as a company making the area so special.

Tony Perrotta, our very own President and CEO, discusses our processes for secure destruction of electronics and how we refurbish electronics that still have valuable life left in them. He also shared what happens to items at End of Life, alongside a behind the scenes tour of the Greentec facility.

The segment aired Tuesday, March 20th at 5PM on CTV News Kitchener. Didn’t get a chance to watch? No problem! You can view it here:

CTV News In Your Backyard – Greentec.

About Greentec

Greentec is a certified e-waste recycling company that refurbishes, securely destroys and recycles electronics. Beginning operations in 1995, the company now employs 90 team members and uses a proprietary sorting system. Proponents of the circular economy, the company believes in using resources for as long as possible, extracting their maximum value and then responsibly recycling electronics to help keep our planet secure and free of waste. As IT asset disposition (ITAD) experts, Greentec recovers obsolete or unwanted IT equipment in a safe and responsible way. They specialize in the secure and environmentally-compliant disposal of IT equipment and electronics.


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Published by Tony Perrotta March 20, 2019