What if your IT disposal and electronics recycling became an opportunity?

Advanced lifecycle solutions that create accountable security and environmental leadership.

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Every organization's ITAD and E-Waste Nightmare

You set out to transform the digital technology of your company, but stumbled into the painful and risky process of disposing of old IT assets - full of private information and environmentally harmful substances.

How to ensure secure, responsible electronics recycling

There is a new approach to accountable ITAD that guarantees data destruction, proves environmental leadership, and supports a successful digital transformation.
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Clients we serve

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Advanced Solution

Tech Lifecycle Mapping

Protect data. Increase disposition value. Gain complete confidence in your process.


Public Drop-Off

Let us help you do your part to responsibly reduce e-waste. In addition, many parts on old computers can be reused in the manufacturing of new computers.

Business Pick-Ups

We offer contact-less pickup for all kinds of e-waste with secure disposal of any leftover information.

Advanced Solutions

There is a new approach to accountable ITAD that guarantees data destruction and proves environmental leadership.

I recommend Greentec’s services to any company that needs to properly dispose of old IT equipment. We are very happy with the Greentec team, because they are professional and easy to work with. They come right to our offices, pick up and recycle our old electronic equipment in a safe and secure manner.

We needed a service provider to help us dispose of our old IT equipment and electronics in a secure and sustainable manner, so we researched Greentec along with other service providers and Greentec has the expertise and the certifications to ensure that we are meeting these goals.

From organizing the service to the ease of pickup, as well as the very knowledgeable person picking up the goods at the other end explaining the process and how it all works was very impressive. I would recommend and use your services again. Thank you!

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Pablo Jaramillo, Red Bull Canada Ltd.
University of Toronto
Joanne Oliver, Under Armour