The Future of E-Waste Disposal Transformation

How The University of Waterloo (UW) and Greentec are leading the way in IT asset disposal to ensure data security, compliance, and environmental stewardship.

IT Lifecycle and Asset Disposal Challenges

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Data Security Risks

Improper disposal of end-of-life IT assets leads to system failures, cyber-attacks, and data breaches, which affect productivity and introduce the potential for greater non-compliance.

Environmental Concerns

Irresponsible disposal of technological hardware causes chemical leaks, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in damaging ecosystem disruption.
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Inefficient Decommissioning Processes

Thousands of devices reach the end of their lifecycle without a streamlined process to test, wipe data, and document asset destruction properly.
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Greentec's Innovative Approach to IT Asset Disposal

UW partnered with Greentec, whose tailored solutions ensured secure data destruction, environmental responsibility, and regulatory compliance, to collaboratively transform its IT asset disposal process.

UW's Post-Transformation Results Include:


Pounds of recycled materials 
(including 5,995 batteries)


total value recovered


Kilograms of CO2 emissions reduced

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End-of-life IT assets don’t need to be a burden or a security risk.