By Tony Perrotta on March 13, 2020

A Message From Greentec

Dear Customers, Suppliers & Contractors:

In the current environment, it’s important for all of us to monitor the rapidly-evolving situation involving COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) and do our part in preventing its spread. With this in mind, we wanted to share what we are doing to protect you, our employees and the community at large.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have taken the following steps to address COVID-19:

  • We have implemented a more stringent process for our Public Drop Off of electronics to safeguard visitors and workers;
  • We have asked any employee not feeling well to stay at home and consult with their doctor and with us;
  • We are asking employees who have traveled for business or personal reasons to any high-risk coronavirus area, have had family members who have done so, and/or who have been in proximity to anyone suspected of having or confirmed with the virus within the last 14 days, to self-isolate at home for the next 14 days;
  • We are asking any visitor to complete a questionnaire with similar questions to determine the wellbeing of the individual and to safeguard our workers before they enter on-site. This will also allow us to inform those individuals should a person become infected with whom they came into contact with;
  • We have requested employees to disclose any upcoming personal travel to or through affected countries and cruise ship travel;
  • We have shared best practices for prevention of spreading the COVID-19 in the workplace and at home;
  • We have provided our employees with reputable websites to monitor the situation and will provide updates as it continues to evolve.

We also have a Business Continuity Plan in place, which will allow office teams to work from home if necessary. In the event that we need to isolate office staff, we will be able to continue to support and communicate with our staff, customers and suppliers remotely.

Customers – Since our drivers may be entering your facilities, we ask you to please contact us as soon as possible if you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, so we can take appropriate actions to protect our employees and to control the spread of the virus. Please send this information to our Client Services department at

While some of these precautionary measures may seem inconvenient, they are being taken out of an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to work with and service you.

Published by Tony Perrotta March 13, 2020