Embracing Canada's Privacy Law Reforms: The Importance of Law 25

    The introduction of Law 25, formerly Bill 64, is a significant milestone for privacy law reforms in Canada. This legislation in Quebec aims to provide individuals with greater control over their personal information while also ensuring that businesses are upholding the highest standards of data privacy. This progressive change not only aligns with Greentec’s core values as an organization, but also ensures that Canadians’ sensitive information is protected. 

    One critical aspect of Law 25 is the fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. For businesses, this emphasizes the importance of prioritizing data privacy and adopting seamless data protection measures. It’s crucial for businesses to recognize the consequences of ignoring the privacy laws enforced through Law 25 that could lead to significant financial repercussions and reputational damage. 

    So, what should you do about it? As Canada continues to place significant importance on the privacy and data protection of the public, proper handling protocols are crucial for any business collecting personal information or biometric data, such as the use of facial recognition or fingerprint identification. 

    As the regulations of Law 25 continue to roll out into September 2023, it’s important to take action. Too often, businesses act on the risk of privacy breaches when it’s too late and sensitive information has already been leaked. 

    Partnering with businesses like Greentec that specialize in secure data destruction will ensure peace of mind when disposing of electronics. We guarantee accountable data security so you can properly recycle e-waste while complying with Law 25 and protecting your clients’ information. 

    To read more about Law 25 (Bill 64) and what it means for Canadian and international organizations, check out this article from the International Association of Privacy Professionals:

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