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    The Right Escrap Partner to Help Grow Your Business

    The electronic scrap business (more commonly referred to as escrap or e-scrap) is full of opportunity and risk, so choosing the right downstream buyer can make a difference in your bottom line. Scrap computers, electronics, and circuit boards contain valuable metals and materials that are hazardous to the environment. Not to mention, those devices often have data on them that can be accessed after the owner throws them away.

    Greentec has the advanced processing capabilities, including patented sorting technology, to safely break down, separate, and recycle every ounce of valuable material from the escrap you collect.

    Recycling Escrap, Broken Down In Four Steps
    1. You have piles of electronic scrap to get rid of.
    2. We take it off your hands either by you dropping it off, or us picking it up at your facility.
    3. We recycle it safely and securely – both for the environment and for data privacy.
    4. You get paid for your escrap – so you can keep buying your scrap materials.

    What Devices Does Greentec Offer Value Back to the Client?

    If you are looking for the devices we are offering value back on, we service a full array of different devices:

    • Servers, storage, hard drives (physical and HDD), and switches
    • Networking switches, routers, modems, and access points
    • Desktop PCs
    • Laptops, MacBooks, and Chromebooks
    • Cell Phones (iPhones, Android), iPads, and Tablets
    • Monitors and TV displays
    • Printers, copiers, scanners, and MFP

    For a full list of what we not only offer value back but also securely dispose of, check out our Solutions.

    fast and secure solutions

    Why Choose Greentec as Your Downstream Buyer?

    • We are safe and secure. We destroy all of the information left on the device, so your company is never at risk.
    • We are environmentally compliant. We recycle electronics the right way, so no hazardous materials are released into the environment — anywhere.
    • We pay you! We break down electronic scrap and recover reusable materials, increasing the value of your e-scrap.

    Downstream Compliance: Greentec Has the Certifications to Protect You and the Environment

    We are a certified R2 escrap recycler, among other great certifications:

    • Ontario Environmental Protection Act and Environmental Compliance Approval
    • The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA)
    • National Association of Information Destruction Certified (NAID AAA)
    • ISO 14001 and SERI R2:2013 Standard CertifiedScreen Shot 2021-09-23 at 2.52.00 PM

    fast and secure solutions

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