Air Canada Tech Lifecycle Management & Greentec

    At Air Canada, flight crew require powerful, up to date devices that can manage a variety of information related to the aircraft performance, flight routing and traffic. It is common practice to use a cockpit iPad as a navigational tool, as well as to manage weather forecasts, airport facility details and flight plans. These devices allow our pilots to focus on the job at hand, while receiving essential data on-demand throughout the duration of the flight.

    Year after year, Air Canada continues to update its key operational tools and equipment to keep up with ever-growing demand. During these refresh periods, it is crucial to ensure sensitive data is protected in the most economical and environmental way possible.

    It was evident that we required a service that could provide not only certified and secure data destruction at scale, but also ensure all processes were environmentally sustainable.

    Greentec was able to provide the logistical know-how and certification necessary to manage the secure destruction and material recycling of over 500 flight crew iPads. With the amount of critical information contained within each device, it was vital that all decommissioned iPads were accounted for and disposed of properly to make way for new, upgraded devices. 

    Ultimately, this was a critical project that our in-house IT teams needed to manage and ensure the proper destruction and recycling of devices. With Greentec’s services, our iPad lifecycle management was able to meet strict security guidelines and government regulations.

    Alongside our security and data protection concerns, Greentec met our concerns of remaining environmentally sustainable. iPads as a rechargeable device contain harmful lithium-ion batteries that pose an environmental and health risk if disposed of incorrectly. Greentec was knowledgeable on how to properly manage these materials at end-of-lifecycle, as well as how to recover rare earth materials from the iPads to be recycled.  

    Air Canada is committed to continuously improving our operations to reduce our carbon footprint. Partnering with Greentec was one of many essential initiatives made to ensure we use less energy and produce less waste, allowing Air Canada to operate responsibly and with integrity for future generations around the world. Aligning our processes with an industry expert, we are confident in our ability to diminish our environmental impact and be a global leader in sustainable transportation services.  

    “Working with Air Canada, Greentec supported one of the largest airlines in the world securely dispose of essential data and maintain pilot privacy,” said Tony Perrotta, Greentec CEO and President. “Our track record of success within the aerospace and transportation industry allows us to develop personalized data destruction and recycling plans that meet the needs of any organization.” 

    Due to Greentec’s expertise, Air Canada was able to increase efficiency, saving our teams’ time and reducing the financial impact of in-house asset management. Having a professional company manage our asset disposal allowed our IT team to focus on the main functions of their roles. 

    We were confident in Greentec’s ability to manage our secure data destruction needs, as well as sustainably recycle all possible materials due to their NAID AAA Certification© for security and Responsible Recycling© (R2) Certification. With a personalized approach to our data security concerns and specific devices, Greentec managed the logistics of device collection, chain-of-custody to their facility and secure destruction and recycling. Ultimately, the time and effort they took with our iPad disposal allowed us to focus simultaneously on the wellbeing of our staff and the environment. 


    We would like to thank the entire Greentec team for their skill and expertise in successfully completing our iPad asset management, as well as allowing our IT team to focus their time and energy on the difficult tasks at hand during these uncertain times. All while continuing to maintain a safe and reliable operation. 


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