Certified Electronics Recycler Donates 100 Laptops to Students

    Greentec will provide 100 families in the Waterloo Region with access to technology as Ontario begins e-learning

    WATERLOO, ON | April 8th 2020 – Greentec, the region’s local, certified electronic recycling company will be donating 100 refurbished laptops to support families with students who’ve started their e-learning this week, as well as healthcare workers who are in need of access to technology.

    Supporting students and healthcare workers during this time is a no-brainer for Greentec. The company’s vision is for a circular economy, and finding a second life for these laptops helps Greentec make our world more sustainable. Not only will these recycled systems enable students without access to technology to thrive in school, but in doing so, will benefit the environment.

    “As e-learning replaces in-class experience for the time-being, computers have become critical, and the students without access to technology at home are limited, says Tony Perrotta, CEO and President of Greetec. “We’re happy to donate these laptops, knowing they’ll be able to alleviate stress and provide families with the resources they need to help with this transition, and it’s great we can do this just in time for Earth Day.”  

    Greentec is asking families, students or healthcare workers who would benefit from this donation to please fill out a quick form to see if they qualify for a laptop. One laptop will be granted to each family on a first-come first serve basis. Please visit for more information.


    About Greentec: 

    Greentec is a certified e-waste company that refurbishes, securely destroys and recycles electronics. Established in 1995, the company now employs 80 team members and uses a proprietary environmental technology. Proponents of the circular economy, the company believes in using resources for as long as possible, extracting their maximum value and then responsibly recycling electronics to help keep our planet secure and free of waste. As IT asset disposition (ITAD) experts, Greentec recovers obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment in a safe and responsible way. They specialize in the secure and environmentally-compliant disposal of IT equipment and electronics. 

    For media enquiries regarding Greentec, please email Emma Pickering

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