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By Greentec on August 14, 2023

Certified Shred Service: Secure Data Destruction and Recycling for IT Assets

How do you properly dispose of data, media and information technology that can’t be reused?


At Greentec our number one priority when it comes to your data and IT assets is to recover and return the residual value of those electronic devices back to you. We work hard to ensure data erasure so that you can reuse your device or it can be resold and the value returned to you.


In the cases where devices are to be destroyed, broken down and recycled we use our proprietary shredder and separation technology. This will physically destroy media, hard drives, and electronic devices to size and reduce the devices into small (9- 20mm) fractions to prevent any reuse of the devices. For this step, all materials are physically separated into base commodities for recycling, such as:

  • plastics,
  • steel,
  • aluminum,
  • copper,
  • and precious metals. 

By shredding the materials to incredibly small pieces we are able to destroy all media contained within the device to protect private data and personal information. 


We want you to feel confident that your devices are being destroyed and recycled properly. That is why we provide you with certificates and reports to give you peace of mind. 

Reports included:

  • Pick-up BOL
  • Certificate of Data Erasure
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Certificate of Recycling

Reports you could order:

  • Asset Audit Report

At Greentec we are fully certified for secure data destruction and e-waste recycling. We hold many certifications for our services including the R2v3 certification for Electronics Refurbishing and Electronics Recycling. This means we have all the expertise and requirements to securely recover assets, or safely shred your devices and recycle them with care.

Published by Greentec August 14, 2023