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By Tony Perrotta on July 14, 2020

Renfrew County District School Board and Greentec: A Customer Success Story

For years the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) hosted, populated and managed an online auction site to facilitate the disposal of surplus technology equipment. The auction, although it did serve its purpose, eventually became a strain on IT staffing resources that could be better utilized supporting the students and staff of our school district. 

In 2018, we began our search for a company that offered IT disposal and e-waste recycling solutions, was fully compliant with industry standards and government regulations, and would provide either a Certificate of Recycling and/or Certificate of Destruction for all media and electronic assets received from the RCDSB.

With the amount of personal and essential data stored on each device used at the school, failing to remove all data before disposing of any old devices could leave school boards, teachers and students vulnerable to privacy breaches. By utilizing a professional IT and e-waste recycling company, school boards like RCDSB can instead practice proper risk management by securely eliminating the risk of unauthorized access from anyone outside of their organization. 

Engaging with this service ensured proper disposal of electronic devices through compliance with industry standards and government regulations as well as a certification of data destruction for school board records. 

In November, through the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM), the Renfrew County District School Board entered into an agreement with Greentec for device disposal, secure media destruction and electronic waste recycling. From our very first meeting with Greentec, we knew that we had selected the right company to work with. 

“At Greentec, we strive to understand exactly what a school needs for secure management of electronic devices at end-of-life,” said Tony Perrotta, Greentec CEO and President. “We customize device lifecycle solutions for schools that are designed to meet all of their needs while ensuring their privacy is protected.” 

The Greentec team that we dealt with were polite, knowledgeable and very responsive when we required them. More importantly, the process that they had created for the collection of our surplus equipment was safe, secure, straightforward and easy to follow. And with the funds that we received for disposing of our e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner, we were able to reinvest in technology for the students and staff of the RCDSB.

Greentec customized a solution that was designed to meet our need for convenient and responsible processing of our end-of-life electronics. From Greentec’s safe and secure pickup of RCDSB’s surplus technology equipment, to the proper processing of technology assets through their secure media destruction and approved recycling methods, RCDSB was guaranteed a solution that benefitted both the environment and their school board. Greentec’s dedication to secure data destruction and proper e-waste recycling ensures that the technology equipment at RCDSB has been fully wiped and recycled to comply with industry standards and government regulations.

A huge thank you to Liz Irwin for all your assistance, and to the entire Greentec organization for helping us focus our valuable IT resources on what matters most: the students and staff of the Renfrew County District School Board.

Published by Tony Perrotta July 14, 2020