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By Tony Perrotta on March 31, 2021

Greentec- Featured in the Cambridge Times

We are incredibly honoured to be featured in the Cambridge Times.

As consumers, we are drawn to the latest in technology. User-friendly features, faster internet and innovative apps all have a part to play in why we upgrade our phones.

There's nothing wrong with your old phone of course, but what should you do with it once you've upgraded? You could give it away, but it still has all of your personal information on it.

Greentec has the answer.

"We're all about the management of the product lifecycle," says Tony Perrotta, president at Greentec. The company has seen a lot of device types over the past 25 years and is committed to working with the latest in data destruction software and component recovery and recycling to contribute to a more circular economy. 

The goal of a circular economy has helped Greentec drive its mission and vision forward.

"We envision a world where people's data is secure, and devices can be recovered and recycled," Perrotta says. "Our mission is for sure to educate the public and provide solutions to consumers and customers on how they can be more secure with their data and with the disposal of their devices."

To read the full article on page 6, click here.

Published by Tony Perrotta March 31, 2021