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By Tony Perrotta on March 26, 2020

An Update from Greentec on COVID – 19 as an Essential Business

Greentec is closely monitoring Government updates regarding the COVID19 (“Coronavirus”) pandemic so that we stay informed and ensure that our health and safety measures are updated to protect our customers, employees and our community.

Greentec is designated an essential business, so we are open for business and continue to provide services to our customers in Canada and the US. 

Greentec provides IT management and environmental services to critical industries such as Healthcare, Food Distribution, Manufacturing and Utilities. We also supply the resources industry with important materials for the production of metals including gold, aluminum, copper and steel.

The health and safety of our employees and community continues to be our top priority as we navigate through uncharted territory with COVID19 . We want to assure you that our priorities remain unchanged as COVID19 continues to impact our communities and businesses.

To protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and community, we have made significant changes to the way we operate and have taken the following steps to prevent the spread of COVID19:

  • We have suspended all Public Drop Off of e-waste to safeguard employees, visitors and contractors;
  • We are asking all Employees not feeling well to stay at home and consult with their doctor and to communicate with us;
  • Employees who have traveled out of Country or have had family members who have done so, and/or who have been in proximity to anyone suspected of having or confirmed with having the virus within the last 14 days, are required to self-isolate at home for the next 14 days;
  • We are not allowing any visitors to enter our facility in Cambridge, Ontario;
  • We continue to share best practices including social distancing, hand washing and to avoid touching your face in the workplace and at home;
  • We are providing all employees with personal protective equipment and reputable websites to monitor the situation as it continues to evolve;
  • We are ensuring that all materials entering and leaving Greentec have been in quarantine for a minimum of 72 hours;
  • We have implemented our Business Continuity Plan, to allow some employees to work from home.

Customers – Since our drivers and third party carriers may be entering your facilities, we ask you to please contact us as soon as possible if you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID19, so we can take appropriate actions to protect our employees and contractors to control the spread of the virus.

Please send this information to our Client Services team at

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you.



Tony Perrotta
Published by Tony Perrotta March 26, 2020